2010 Enviro Summer Institute

Monday - Reflections and Images

I found the morning experiement very useful for the classroom. I think the basic
principles would be useful in my lessons. I also liked the contamination experiment
with the read food coloring. The scavenger hunt was fun, but as discussed in class
if we were told to wear comfortable shoes and that it would be a 3 mile walk, it would
have been helpful .

Tuesday - Reflections and Images
I enjoyed testing the ground water. I didnt know how many variable there are in
experiements! I think the strip test would be most useful for fourth graders. There
were a lot of samples to test, it might be confusing for students. The labquest
was a little difficut with the calibrating. I liked the excel
table, but I am not sure how to make one. I liked the tours.

Wednesday - Reflections and Images

The teachers really enjoyed doing the strip tests and comparing results. Students would like that. The younger
grades said that they would have the students pick a color that matched the closest instead of inbetween numbers.
It would help if you did some some samples together before letting them go on alone.
I can see how you can adapt it to any grade level. We didn't know if it is important to have pictures for third and fourth
graders or for them to put information on a wiki, but it would be good for high school. Problems were discussed involving
documenting water sources and computer axcess and teacher time.

I really enjoyed the tours. I didn't know that ND had such advanced technology! I also didn't know that so many grad students did research

Thursday - Reflections and Images

I enjoyed having the speakers come in and discuss what is going on in the area. They gave us a lot of ideas and materials to use. I liked
the time in the afternoon to work on the computers. One thing I would like to see added is teachers are asked to share a lesson or websites
they use so we can have them to take back to our classroom.

Friday - Reflections and Images
I really enjoyed the presentations. I still would like more time to exchange lessons or ideas we use about water in our classroom. I have enjoyed all of the institutes I have attended this summer. I hope to continue working together in the classroom.

Symposium Presentation

We really enjoyed doing the ground water model system. It was easy for students to understand and you can use the materials over again.
One extension activity using kinethetic movement could be showing how water flows differently in different types of soil. Thirstin's Ground
Water Movement Activity is found at www.epa.gov/safewater.

The scavenger hunt was fun, but a little long. Students would love to do this activity. We noticed a lot of construction and wondered how much
it affects the ground water at ND. People who live or work on campus probably don't pay attention to everything around them. We were made
to find things that related to this class. Teachers need to bring experiences like this to the students because they come from different
backgrounds and might not be familiar with some of these things. This gives them real world experience. Our school has an outdoor lab with
a creek that I don't utilize like I should.



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