2010 Enviro Summer Institute

Monday - Reflections and Images

Introductions are always an important part of any workshop. I have not idea where any of the other teachers that I don't know are from or what they teach.

I think a better discription of this program was needed. I am a biology teacher who is always looking for new and interesting things to teach in my classroom.

The water cycle and groundwater model is a good demonstration for the classroom. I think a better more in-depth explination of the reasoning behind this model was needed.

While I enjoyed the scavenger hunt and the walk around campus, I would have appreciated some warning as to dress for outside activity and not a professional seminar.

Tuesday - Reflections and Images

Possible issues for use within the high school classroom:
  • students are not allowed to have cameras in the building. There are a lot of privacy issues involved.
    • Most of my students do not have cameras or computers.
  • I am in the city of Mishawaka schools. Students are all on city water.
  • even if students took photos at home, there is no uploading of images on school computers
  • wiki's are sometimes blocked on student computers and the school system is VERY reluctant to unblock them because they can be edited by students with inappropriate material

  • Need written instructions for the probes for students
  • calibration could be an issue for students

I got the feeling that none of these labs were run ahead of time. While I don't mind being used as a lab rat, I do appreciate well planned instruction.

Wednesday - Reflections and Images

Lab tours were very relevant and intersting. I always find it very intersting to see what is being studied and why and how I can use it in the classroom. The information that was offered in all of the labs was well prepared and intersting. I think providing more information on educational opportunities for students within ND would be nice.

Problem Solving Session
Problem #1 Test Strip Accuracy
- Do the readings as a group with an online timer
- Create a practice lab in which students use test strips prior to the actual test strip lab
Problem #2 Students do not bring enough well samples
- Test city water
- Test water found throughout the school building
- Have Notre Dame bring in well water samples
Problem #3 Managing students during groundwater model
- Teacher should do this model as a demo only as an introduction to groundwater and contamination
Problem #4 Students not getting reliable pictures of hemselves taking well water samples.
- Have Notre Dame provide the well water samples so students do not need to take and upload pictures
Problem #5 Management of test strips
- Create a laminated labeled template for students to put test strips upon
Problem #6 Managing all of the labquests, sensors, and equipment
- Probes and other equipment stays in place at the lab stations while students rotate from station to station
- Precalibrate probes for students
Problem #7 Students do not have access to computers to input data
- Send written results to Notre Dame
- Give extra credit to students who input data
Problem #8 Well water testing does not fit into standards
- Pass this assignment on to Earth Science class where this activity is more relevant to the standards
Other problems/concerns
- Even computer lab access does not guarantee access to wikis
- More specific directions are needd for the lab (specifically the probes)
- Students are not allowed to bring cameras to school or to use cell phones in school

Thursday - Reflections and Images

Lab on testing for bacteria was well prepared and relevent. This could easily be used in my biology classroom.

Friday - Reflections and Images

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