ENVIROweek Sign-Up Schedule 2011-2012

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In order to facilitate the planning of ENVIROweek in K-12 classrooms throughout the 2011-2012 academic year, we would like each collaborating teacher to enter their school's initials, their own last name, how many classrooms will be participating in ENVIROweek and the approximate total number of students in all those classrooms. We would also like each teacher to choose a first and second choice and to indicate this by putting a "1"or "2" before their last name. In order to accommodate everyone, we would like all of the teachers from the same school signing-up for the same dates by entering their info in the same horizontal row. Please discuss this with your colleagues and come up with some weeks that will work for all of you. Don't hesitate to make an entry in the same week that other teachers have chosen if that week is really your preference.

A sample entry is entered in the first two rows below:
(EXHS,#2-Mooney, 4,80; EXHS,#2-Beebe,5,120; EXHS,#1-Mooney,4,80; EXHS,#1-Beebe,5,120;EXHS). The example entry says the school is "EXHS" with two teachers ("Mooney" and "Beebe"). Mooney has 4 classrooms with a total of 80 students; Beebe has 5 classrooms with a total of 120 students. The week of Aug 15-19 is their second choice. The week of Aug 22-26 is their first choice.

We will begin compiling the information October 10th, so please input your choices as soon as possible. Thank you!

Week of
Teacher 1
Teacher 2
Teacher 4
Teacher 5
Teacher 6
Teacher 7
Teacher 8

Aug 15-19

Aug 22-26

Oct 17-21

Oct 24-28

Oct 31-Nov 4

Nov 7-11
LaSalle(8) #1 Chrenka,3,62

Nov 14-18
LaSalle(8) #2 Chrenka,3,62


Nov 28-Dec 2

Dec 5-9

Dec 12-16

Dec 19-23

Dec 26-30

Jan 2-6

Jan 9-13

Jan 16-20

Jan 23-27

Jan 30-Feb 3

Feb 6-10

Feb 13-17

Feb 20-24

Feb 27-Mar 2

Mar 5-9
New Prairie HS #3, Gensic, 5, 140

Mar 12-16
New Prairie HS #2, Gensic, 5, 140

Mar 19-23
New Prairie HS #1, Gensic, 5, 140

Mar 26-30

Apr 2-6

Easter Week

Apr 16-20
LaSalle #1 Chrenka,3,78

Apr 23-27
LaSalle #2 Chrenka,3,78

Apr 30-May 4
Mishawaka Catholic #1 Mynsberge,2-46

May 7-11
Mishawaka Catholic #2 Mynsberge,2-46

May 14-18

May 21-25

May 28-June 1