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Welcome to a collaboration space for Michiana STEM practitioners engaged in environmental education and research!

Environmental education includes understanding concepts from several disciplines. With the variety of the environments in the biosphere, and changes with the increased anthropogenic disturbances along with those from nature,we will try to offer investigations to enhance your learning objectives.PLEASE USE THIS SITE TO CREATE DISCUSSIONS ON ANY ENVIRO TOPICS AND CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES YOU WISH TO SHARE.

    Checkout this link for reasons to support place based environmental learning!

    During the 2010-2011 academic year we collaborated with K-12 students to collect groundwater quality data from all over the Michiana area. For more information about this project visit our wellhead wiki link on the navigation bar to your right. Below is a map of all our wellhead data!

    (Click on a balloon and see some of our data!)

    An Ode to Thomas Crapper


    The History of Environmental Engineering

    Wellhead Protection Project edit
    This is the Wellhead Protection Project home page.
    This project is one of the undertakings of the ENVIRO Collaboration.

    As a general rule, well water is used in areas where city water service is not available. Here are maps of the city water services of South Bend and Mishawaka.