ENVIRO Week sign-up Schedule 2010-2011 (Closed)
*If you are interested in holding the ENVIRO wellhead Week during Spring 2011 we are accepting classrooms through November 30, 2010*

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In order to facilitate the planning of the ENVIRO Week throughout the academic year, we would like each collaborating teacher to enter their school's initials and their last name in the position you would most like. We would also like each teacher to choose a first and second choice and indicate this by putting a "1" or "2" before their last name. If you are at the same school as another teacher attending the workshop and can share materials, put your names together. Don't hesitate to make an entry in the same week that other teachers have chosen if that week is really your preference.

A sample entry is entered in the first two rows below:
(EXHS,#2-Mooney, 4,80; EXHS,#2-Rodak,5,120; EXHS,#1-Mooney,4,80; EXHS,#1-Rodak,5,120). The example entry says the school is "EXHS" with two teachers ("Mooney" and "Rodak"). Mooney has 4 classrooms with a total of 80 students; Rodak has 5 classrooms with a total of 120 students. The week of Aug 9-13 is their first choice. The week of Aug 16-20 is their second choice. If any of these weeks are your choice, please feel free to add in at Teacher 3, Teacher 4, etc.

NOTE: During the winter months sampling outside will be difficult. This may be an excellent opportunity to connect with schools who do not have access to groundwater wells with a different type of sampling project. If you have concerns about student access to groundwater and are interested in working with us to develop an additional activity more fitting to your needs feel free to sign up. We will try to accommodate the needs of all the classrooms we visit.

If you do NOT want to use the Labquests in your room, please bold your entry. In this example, Rodak does NOT want to use Labquests.

Thank you!

Teacher 1
Teacher 2
Teacher 3
Teacher 4
Teacher 5
Teacher 6
Week of

Aug 9-13
EXHS, #2-Mooney, 4, 80; EXHS, #2 Rodak, 5, 120

Aug 16-20
EXHS,#1-Mooney,4,80; EXHS,#1-Rodak,5,120

Aug 23-27

Aug 30-Sept 3

Sept 6-10

Sept 13-17

Sept 20-24
PV, #1, Koontz, 1, 30

Sept 27-Oct 1
HIS,#1, Hawn, 1, 30

Oct 4-8
HIS, #2, Hawn, 1, 30

Oct 11-15

Oct 18-22

Oct 25-29
LIA #1 Martinez, 6, 140
LIA #1 Chrenka 3,75

Nov 1-5
LIA #2 Chrenka, 3,75
LIA #2, Martinez, 6, 140

Nov 8-12

Nov 15-19

Weather issues.

Nov 29-Dec 3
Weather issues.

Dec 6-10
Weather issues.

Dec 13-17
Weather issues.

Dec 20-24

Dec 27-31

Jan 3-7

Jan 10-14
Weather issues.

Jan 17-21
Weather issues.

Jan 24-28
Weather issues.

Jan 31-Feb 4
Weather issues.

Feb 7-11
Weather issues.

Feb 14-18
Weather issues.

Feb 21-25
Weather issues.

Feb 28-Mar 4
SJHS #1, Walsh

Mar 7-11
SB #1,Mynsberge ,2,32

Mar 14-18
NPHS, #1, Gensic, 6, 150

Mar 21-25
NPHS, #2, Gensic, 6,150

Mar 28-Apr 1
PV, #2, Koontz, 1, 30

Apr 4-8
EIC, #1, Moran,1,30; Kennedy, 6, 170

Apr 11-15
EIC, #2, Moran,1,30; Kennedy, 6, 170

Apr 18-22

Apr 25-29

May 2-6

May 9-13
BMS, #1, Loucks, 5, 130

May 16-20

May 23-27
MHS, #1, Harkins, 6 170

May 30-June3