2010 ENVIRO Institute Participants!

Symposium Friday, July, 30th

Each group of ~5 is asked to share observations, concerns, what you are thinking, and reflections on the following:

1. Class Unit Enrichment Activities and your Classroom: Ground Water Model System, Guided Outside Hike, Landfill Models (Friday morning)
2. Wellhead Protection-Water Testing and related pedagogy issues.
3. Wellhead Protection-Data Management and related pedagogy issues
4. Lab Tours
5. Place-Based Education

Member #1
Member #2
Member #3
Member #4
Member #5
Pat Chrenka
Carol Freihofer
Lori Loucks
Kim Kosinski
Drew Kosinski
Vicki Topolski
Debbie Baughman
Nancy Koontz
Peggy Peak
Beth Hawn
Janelle Moran
Martha Gourley
Beth Albright
Taryn Hulslander

Jessica Mitchell
Gina Mynsberge
Madeleine Martinez
Maria Nawrot
Karen Kennedy